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Good Old Games: Frantic Frigates

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In my pursue of nostalgic games that marked me, let me present to you: Frantic Frigates. I remember back in the days being very selective about games I would play or even just try... There were things I just couldn't accept or even imagine myself playing, like battle ships. But then one grows up and (maybe out of boredom) starts feeling the need to take [...]

Good Old Games: Death vs. Monstars

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Increasing monsters, increasing power, increasing money, increasing abilities, this game is all about increasing your experience all the way up to the end. Death vs. Monstars is a "Super-frantic" and "Super-intense" Shooter game with a big "S" and it is no surprise to see it in the top 10 games of its genre, still. Shooters are a very special genre to me. I [...]

400 Years

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400 years is a small game that has a very interesting feature. You are a Moai stone idol and you have the feeling that something really bad is going to happen in 400 years. You decide then to help the humans by finding out what is going to happen and stop it. But 400 years is a long time, and before you continue reading this review, I invite you to play the [...]

Ode To Pixel Days, a byte of life

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I don't know where to begin as this game left me with so much emotions and thoughts that I feel any words might just not be enough to describe all the thoughts that are echoing in my mind right now. And I'm apparently not the only one. It is now considered some kind of a hit and I'm pretty sure this game will become one of those games that we will [...]

Elf Story, a game made of love and blood

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Elft Story is a short Point & Click adventure made with love and attention. And even if it lacks intuitiveness in some aspects, the attention to details is what makes it special. Made of love and blood I don't know for you but sometimes I have this heartwarming feeling when I come across something special. There are games that make you feel that some [...]

Action Games


Legend of the Void

83.0/100 - for 3,520,201 views
Battle your way through Calderia using tons of awesome weapons, armor, and artifacts!

Shooter Games


The Last Stand 2

81.0/100 - for 28,857,403 views
****Thanks for the feedback so far, we're working on fixing the bugs highlighted so far. If you're going to leave feedback, take note of the version number of the game (on the loading screen) that you're playing, it helps if we know which [...]

Zombie Games



82.0/100 - for 19,290,901 views
Dear Human,Zombies. You've shot them, stabbed them, sliced and diced them. Today I put you in the shoes of a Zombie. Fight for your life in this crazy and twisted world.After two solid months of production, we present to you this epic [...]

Tower Defense Games


GemCraft Labyrinth

83.9/100 - for 25,573,046 views
Build your defenses, fight hordes of monsters with your magic gems, and learn the skills of magic as you explore the huge labyrinth!